Fixing Furnaces / DRYING OWEN (fixse) 104*600

DRYING OWEN (fixse) 104*600

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Machine scales:160*750*140 cm

750 cm line lenght

104 cm line widht(maximum 160 cm)

75 cm input

75 cm output

Refractory, nonflammable teflon line

600 cm hot air tunnel section

Control system with 3 section

4 cm heat insulation

Digital command pannel(touch screen)

180-200 centigrade cabin heat

Adjustable line speed

Air seperator spiral fan(1 for each cabin)

Adjustable air seperator fan speed(Each fan is controlled separately)

18 pieces 1500 wat long wave resistance

Resistances could turn on/off

Otomatic and manual working

30 different programings(manual or otomatic)

Program base on specific works

One clapped gas discharge pipe for each cabin

Lifting cabins with air pistons 50 cm (for maintenance, repair and cleaning)

Elektrostatic oven-dying

Mobile wheel

Name product : DRYING OWEN (fixse) 104*600